Hello world!

Alright, my first post on a legit blog! I am still not sure why I was talked into this or how I allowed myself to be, but here goes nothing.

I avoided getting a blog when it was the “hot new craze” years ago, because to me, it seemed like a medium for people who felt that what they have to say is terribly important and revolutionary, or people who actually know what they are talking about and deserve their voice to be heard. The sad fact being, of course, that most people on the internet have nothing really worthwhile to say. It’s always either some half baked, uninformed opinion, or vapid attempts at quasi philosophy. No, indeed, people are neither as interesting, intelligent, or original as they believe themselves to be 75% the time, and then 15% of the actually intelligent and original 25% try way to damn hard, which just leads to my attempting to psychoanalyze. Then I begin to wonder what happened in their childhood to make them so desperate for attention and approval from people they will never really know. Of course some of this, naturally springs from jealousy….because hey, I want to be cool, too!!! It was all of these thoughts that kept me from pursuing a blog, because I am not a self-indulgent narcissist, a news reporter, professional, or expert on anything. So I decided to spare the world from the chaos in my head and go about leaving the blogging to the people who are better suited to it.

But that all changed yesterday. I am an avid news reader (CNN being my favorite news source), and am genetically hot wired to obsess over politics and causes that I believe in. This is what led me here. I often comment on CNN articles and engage in some fun, but always respectful and courteous debates. Yesterday was not the day for it! I was appalled at certain people’s behavior and moreover that they truly thought they were justified in being disrespectful, and ignorant. Oh, and, of course, let us not forget that they had Jesus backing them up. So, long story short I tried to make intelligent comments, points and questions on the comments these wastes of life were posting. I wanted to see if they were so hateful and ignorant that they would respond with another simple juvenile insult, or if asking a question respectfully had any impact at all on their attitude. …I got NOTHING! No insult, no reply, just NOTHING! Meanwhile they would post new and even more idiotic comments, none of which acknowledged my attempt to get them to intelligently explain and justify their views. This happened with 5 different posters. Finally a fellow commenter told me I was apparently acting as “Thread Mommy” that the things I was saying had the shaming effect that only mothers can produce when berating their young for their lack of couth and respect. Whether or not this is truly the case, I don’t know. I do know, however, that after commenting on all 5 people’s avoidance of answering questions presented to them in favor of just acting like fu*king morons (I said it much nicer =) ) and restating my own questions none of them posted anything further.

Upon further discussion with my allies on the comment board, they insisted I should blog. I didn’t see a real point, until I discovered all 5 of those who’s posts I had chewed out, had blogs full of the most senseless babble I have ever laid eyes on! If anyone has seen an “SNL” skit, called “The Comments Section” you know exactly what I mean…they were just the types! I was so enraged that I took the imitative and with a little help (because I am tech restarted) set up the blog you now have before you. I figured if those guys can fill the internet with such unimaginable ignorance and falsehoods, then at least I could attempt to put a blog up that reflected my personal beliefs, and desire to be informed (by credible sources). The internet has so few reliable blogs and even web pages, I guess it inspired me. So here I am.

I do not claim to be an expert on anything. I merely have the common sense god gave me,  a love of knowledge, and need to be informed. I just want to share these things and occasionally my own views. Also I thought maybe this would be a way to get the intelligent conversations and debates that CNN.com just doesn’t deliver anymore. I am not pushy about my beliefs and love hearing other peoples takes on the world and all that goes on it. Also I am not to proud to admit I am human, so if I ever make a mistake or share something that is outdated or incorrect PLEAS LET ME KNOW!

I hope to learn from you all, and hopefully say at least one meaningful thing that will make you think.

=P Have a good one