Day 1 of Lifestyle Change

I am so THRILLED!!!! I had been very nervous about how hard begining this new lifestyle would be, especially because I LOVE FOOD, and not just any food..everything that makes you fat! Cheese, potatoes, bread, pasta, and of course as a Southern girl butter and I have a very exclusive relationship. So you can see where my worry came from, but overall today was far easier than I had anticipated. The maddening hunger I expected to feel never came, and walking instead of riding to get my groceries turned out to be one heck of a workout. Overall I feel accomplished today and happy with what I achieved. Not one part of the day was particularly challenging….but I am sure by saying that  I just jinxed myself for tomorrow! So lets get into what foods were able to keep me so content. Be warned that one lifestyle change I didn’t have to make is my LOVE of fruits and veggies.


Drink: Black Coffee, and a bottle of water

  • Calories: 0             Fat: 0

Meiji Mixed-berry Yogurt

  • Calories: 120         Fat: 2

    Plus a tbsp flaxseed

  • Calories: 43          Fat: 3

One Kiwi

  • Calories: 209       Fat: 0
  • Total: Calories: 209      Fat: 5g

Then I did my morning workout which I will link you to here (it is the Monday one)

At Mid morning I had a little pang after working out, so I grabbed a

small Granny Smith Apple

  • Calories: 55         Fat: 0.18

After this I had to go do some grocery shopping for the diet overhaul. Where I live in Thailand they have a bus that drives up and down the main strip. You pay about 30 cents to ride as far as you want. This is how I get to the market. But to get to this bus is about a mile walk that I usually hope a moped taxi to. So today I decided to walk. Road work was being done on my street that blocked the normal way , so I had to take the long way (I think it was a sign from the diet gods). This diversion made the walk closer to 2 miles. Once at the market everything I need is in the same basic area, so not too much walking there, but boy those bags were heavy. After taking the bus back and beginning the trek to my house with some crazy heavy bags I decided to break for lunch about 1/3 of the way to my house. I knew I wanted sushi today so I did my research and was able to indulge, guilt free, in my favorite:

Miso Soup

  • Calories: 70       Fat: 3g

Maguro *6 pieces*

  • Calories: 184     Fat: 2g

I have to say right now this is one of my all time favorite meals. Fills you up without making you feel bloated, and the energy kick is pretty powerful. Man, I love my sushi! After my very pleasing lunch I finished the trek home, where the lawn was waiting for a cut, and some weeding. I was quite excited to learn that the calorie burn on yard work is pretty high. I definitely like it a lot more now!

For dinner, I was excited to try my hand at a vegetarian meal. And it turned out pretty dang good. I chopped and mashed mushrooms and mixed them with rice, formed patties and wrapped them in cabbage leaves. I was able to add more goodies to my husbands, since he isn’t on a diet…=P . I steamed the wrapped patties until the cabbage was fully cooked. My dinner consisted of 2 of these wrapped patties over 100g of spaghetti. So here is my break down of the meal.

Mushroom Rice Patty (makes 1)

1 C Mushroom

  • Calories: 15      Fat: 0.5

1 tbsp Rice

  • Calories: 28     Fat: 0.08

1 Pinch flaxseed (too little to really matter calorie wise)

1 Leaf of cabbage (for wrap)

  • Calories: 7            Fat: 0
  • Total Calories: 50       Fat0.58

100 g of Spaghetti

  • Calories:  158            Fat: 0.9

I was pretty shocked when I had gotten through only half of my meal and found I was full. Full and fully contented. It was amazing. It also felt nice to knock down my calorie intake by half. This meant I could have a nice evening snack while my husband munched on cookies (he’s kind of evil) and we watched a movie.

Half of my meal calorie count

  • Calories: 129      Fat: 0.74

I did an evening workout that was the same as my linked morning workout, plus I added some ab work to it. I like working out outside, it makes me feel less constrained. It also drives my dogs insane, because the want to participate, too. Believe me it makes for a pretty funny scene, but it definitely makes work outs more fun. After putting them through such taunting, I ran around the yard with them and played for about another 20 mins, or so. Once they were thoroughly worn out, it was time to wind down for the night. My husband was putting on the movie when I came out from my shower. He was also sitting next to a bag of cookies and some kind of candy…sometimes I hate skinny people! Seeing his loot made me very unenthusiastic about my own evening snack that I was fixing to prepare. Some how an apple, a small 1 serving glass of Chocolate silk, and half of a tiny croissant just don’t compare. This was my one and only struggle of the day. However once the movie began and my attention wasn’t on food, I was fine. I happily ate my healthy snack, and was surprisingly satisfied by it. I thank my shockingly filling dinner for this. The rest of the evening was peaceful and nice as we watched “Breaking Dawn: Pt 2″…. Don’t judge me! It’s Thailand…and the English movie selection is kind of limited…..yea….

Small glass of Chocolate Silk (1 serving)

  • Calories: 140         Fat: 2.5

Small Granny Smith Apple

  • Calories: 55           Fat: 0.18g

Half of a very small croissant

  • Calories: (Estimate) 80       Fat: 5g
  • Total: Calories: 220            Fat: 7.23
  • Total Calories for the Day: 867
  • Total Fat for the Day: 18.15g

I tried to estimate the calories I burned with online resources, but it just doesn’t seem right. My best estimation using these resources was around 600 calories burned throughout the day. That number just seems pretty high to me, because if I had burned that much I am pretty positive I would have been ravenously hungry. Maybe not. But if anyone knows of an accurate way to estimate calories burned please tell me. The pinterest workouts don’t say how much they are supposed to burn so I had to look at other exercises and duration and make my best guess.

But all in all Day 1 was a great success and I feel great!!!! Bring it on, Day 2!!!