Day 3 of Lifestyle Change

Today was my husbands birthday! So needless to say it was NOT a day of calorie counting, or should I say careful eating….because I did count the calories.  However, I am sooo stoked to report that even with the day of celebratory meals. I managed to keep the calories count surprisingly low. In the morning we slept in. So when we finally got around to breakfast, it was more of a brunch to power us up for our day out.


MAMA Brand Cup of Noodle

Calories: 210              Fat: 9

He had to go to work for a few hours. So I took the time to walk around the mall and grab some lunch. (Note whenever I mention the mall, I always walk there. It is about 1mile or 1.5 miles from my house. )


Salad with dressing

Calories: 180    Fat: 8

Mozzarella and Peperoni Roll

Calories: 220       Fat: 13


Once Alex got off work we spent a nice evening walking all around the city. We went to both night markets, which were so fun. The products and prices were quite impressive. I think we are loving Thailand more and more each day. Once we tired ourselves out with walking and got ravenously hungry, the birthday boy demanded pizza and pizza he got. I partook also and it was soooo good. It was actually the first pizza I have eaten in months! I am a carb and cheese lover, so pizza is my heaven!


3 Average Slices of Pizza

Calories: 622     Fat: 24g


1 serving Chocolate Silk

Calories: 140    Fat: 2.5

Daily Total: 1,194   Fat :47.5 g

It was a fantastic day filled with lots of fun. Here’s hoping returning to the world of healthy eating tomorrow doesn’t hurt so badly!