Day 5 of Lifestyle Change

Another busy day! I think I did pretty well all things considered. I ate way more than yesterday….I was in such a munchy mood, alas this is to be expected once a month. Do any of you ladies out there have any tried and true healthy snack remedies for controlling period cravings? I become a ravenous eating machine for about 2 days leading up to mine. Aside from my uncontrollable munchies I had a great day. I think considering I wasn’t able to map out my eating today I did ok. I took in more fat than I really wanted, but it is still below the suggested daily intake for a 2000 calorie diet, so I think I will live. Tonight I decided to try and give my husband a taste of home for dinner. He was born in Romania, but raised in NYC. Since moving away he obviously doesn’t get his mothers cooking a whole lot. I have no experience cooking Romanian food, but I decided to give it a go tonight with a veggie version of “Sarmale”. Sarmale is usually minced meat with seasonings and some veggies wrapped in steamed cabbage leaves. Sarmale can also be wrapped rice, which is what I opted for. I was happy that they turned out to his liking, even though they were sacrilegiously vegetarian (haha).


Almond Muffin

  • Calories: 200   Fat: 7g


Spinach Philo Pastry

  • Calories: 280    Fat: 13



  • Calories: 164    Fat: 5.2

Cup of Noodle + 1 tbsp Flaxseed

  • Calories: 256    Fat: 13

Dinner: Vegetarian Sarmale

2C Asparagus

  • Calories: 54    Fat: 0.4

1.5C Rice

  • Calories: 324   Fat: 2.7

8 Cabbage Leaves

  • Calories: 56    Fat: 0

½ C Tomato Paste

  • Calories: 107   Fat: 0.62

½ C Mushroom

  • Calories: 7.5    Fat: 0.11

Total(Yields 8): Calories: 548  Fat: 3.83

Individual Total: Calories-  68.56   Fat- 0.48 (my dinner included 2)

25g Fried Tofu

  • Calories: 68      Fat: 5.05

4 Large Shrimp

  • Calories: 43      Fat: 0.71

5 Small Scallops

  • Calories: 42    Fat: 0.4

My Dinner Total: Calories- 290   Fat: 7.12

Daily total:  Calories: 1,190    Fat: 45.32