Day 4 of Lifestyle Change

Today was a busy day. I can already see that when I begin classes again and start working that eating is going to be a little tricky. It was a great day, though. I am still quite shocked at how little difficulty I have had. It really helps when you are busy, though.


MAMA Cup of Noodle w/ 1tbsp Flaxseed

  • Calories: 256      Fat:12


Mango Mooncake

  • Calories: 160      Fat: 5

Coconut Water (2C)

  • Calories: 92        Fat: 1



  • Calories: 164    Fat: 5.2

50g Pasta

  • Calories: 79     Fat: 0.45

Tomato Sauce (4tbsp)

  • Calories: 52       Fat: 0.32

Daily Total: Calories- 803   Fat- 23.97