Days 6-7 of Lifestyle Change

Hey guys! I don’t really have a lot to report about days 6 and 7, because they were my break days. I decided in the interest of fun and sanity, that I would free up my weekends and not micromanage my eating. It turned out well, not that I went crazy or anything. I feel I ate reasonably but indulged a little. This first week was really so much easier than I could have expected. The only thing that has been difficult is maintaining a workout regimen. I tried my best this week, but I think 2 major changes in one week was a bit much to try and take on. I did do a lot more walking this week, but I will have to come up with a strategy for keeping up on intense work outs. I will join a yoga studio soon. Working out in a class setting, such as yoga has always been best for me. I need structure and schedule and locking into a class gives me just that, and no way to make excuses. So right now I am just focusing on keeping my eating right and improving on physical activity where I can. I can’t wait to begin yoga!

Thank you all for the positive responses and feed back through out this daunting fist week….which turned out not to be so daunting, after all! From now on I am only going to post weekly updates, and a “best of” of my favorite diet recipes. Need to free up some time so I can write about more interesting things.

Catch ya’ll soon!