Lifestyle Change: Week 3 Review

Wow! This has been the best week yet! I continue to walk everywhere, and I am beginning to see just this mild exercise really paying off. My body is changing inside and out, I can feel it. I have a bit more energy, and walking long distances does not bother me any more, even when I am carrying grocery bags. I haven’t stepped on a scale and won’t until curiosity completely overruns me; however I can see changes in my size. I don’t know if I have lost any significant poundage, but I am certainly losing inches.

I bought a dress months ago, it was on sale and too cute to pass up. It just fit, but was too tight to wear in public. Getting into that dress was my first diet goal, and I have reached it! It is formfitting, but the places where I used to bulge have smoothed away, and I was able to wear it out for a night on the town with my girlfriends to celebrate. The best part was when I received quite a few compliments on my outfit that night. It felt so amazing to finally feel like I looked good.

Week three was also an amazing week for food! I have finally mastered cooking healthy, low calorie, yet filling meals. Tofu has become one of my staples. I have always loved tofu, but was unsure of how to work it into meals. I found a recipe for tofu steaks over rice and steamed veggies, and it was amazing! I have completely quite using oil that isn’t healthy. The only oils in my kitchen are olive and grape seed. I didn’t think that this switch would make a huge difference, but it has perhaps made the most noticeable. It was only after I had been cooking exclusively with these oils for about a week and a half that I just noticed inches disappearing.

I didn’t expect such great results so quickly, but I am not complaining. I can now see my collarbones again, not that they stick out, but the definition is there. And my neck has slimmed down and I have the little hollows at the base that I find pretty and feminine. Around my ribs has slimmed most noticeably and definition on the side of my ab area is trying to make an appearance. My legs are beginning to tone up a little and seem a bit slimmer. I now feel like I can rock my yoga pants. But the best part of walking everywhere is seeing the difference in my booty! It is amazing what walking will do to lift and tone.

Now that I am feeling good and a bit more confident about myself, the idea of getting started in some yoga classes and hitting the gym is way less intimidating. On Oct. 1st I begin yoga and Pilates classes that are offered by the gym I chose to join. I used to do yoga all the time, and am so excited to get back to it. I have never done Pilates, but when I found out that was what is responsible for Miley Cyrus’ amazing bod (don’t judge me!) I signed right up! The fact that with these classes I get full use of the gym equipment is amazing! I feel like things are moving forward and progress is being made. My confidence is returning, and a sense of overall well-being has kicked in.

One of the best things to come from my change in mood, is that I have begun to write creatively again. I wrote a few short pieces to apply for a freelancing gig and it unleashed what a 4 year writers block had been holding back. I am getting paid for some freelancing work, and getting my own personal projects underway. I can’t not mention that the support from my amazing husband has been so helpful. When I get frustrated or down on myself he is right there to encourage me. Life is good!