Can We All Get Over The VMA’s, Move On, and Admit That Miley Is Not The Anti-Christ?

Ok, can we please get over the Miley VMA tewrking fiasco, pretty please!!!!! I will admit that I am the minority who found her performance farcical, fun, and not a big deal. I mean people have been twerking (still can’t believe it has a name) in rap videos for the better part of two decades, so let just all get up off our moral high horse and calm down, ok? I have had numerous people try to tell me why her performance was offensive, and I just don’t agree. Was it the best performance ever, definitely not! Was it the worst, not really. Was it what you would expect out of the VMA’s, yes.  That is my final stance on it, and I will never understand the huge fall out.

I had been too old to really enjoy Hannah Montana when it was big. I did watch it with my little cousins a few times and remember finding Miley very endearing and funny. For a kids show it was entertaining. Aside from that, I wasn’t a fan in any way. I didn’t dislike her; I was just too old to enjoy the sort of entertainment she was dolling out at the time.

Anyway, ever one to side with the provocateur I decided to do some looking into Miss Miley. It didn’t take me very long to decide I liked this girl. I started by watching interviews with her on YouTube. What I found was that she seemed like a great interview subject. She was forthcoming, down to earth, funny, and most of all very polite and kind. She did not seem to have that “I am so above this right now” attitude you see in a lot of celebs who get interviewed. She was quick witted and had me laughing and interested to hear more from her.

Most importantly, though, by watching these interviews it is apparent that the girl has a brain and strives to make meaningful videos to accompany her songs. When talking to Ryan Seacrest about her can’t be tamed video she said she didn’t want it to be the sort of video where she looked perfectly manicured and all people talked about were her outfits and good looks. She said she wanted people to come away entertained and thinking that they got it and that it was a really cool concept. She wanted to tell a story. You can like the video or not, but that is not really the point. Personally I think it is very cool that she was focused on actual concept vs. oooh that looks cool.

In other interviews she talks openly about her twerking, which started when she posted a silly video of her in a unicorn onezie twerking, and the whole thing went viral. She makes clear that she was genuinely shocked that it got so much attention. She continues to be shocked in an interview where it seemed all they cared about was the twerking. She kindly and jokingly reminded the radio host that she does more than twerk. In this interview she seemed slightly annoyed at some points that so much focus was on the twerking. This leads me to believe that maybe the VMA fiasco was her giving a huge, outrageous middle finger to the many people who can’t get past the twerking to think or talk about the music, which she herself states was supposed to be fun and party oriented; which is why the video was filmed with her and her friends throwing a party and doing what they do. The feel of the video is perfectly in line with what is being delivered lyrically.

Today I discovered yet another Miley scandal is sure to ensue with the release of her new and beautiful single “Wrecking Ball”.  For any girl who has gone through a complicated relationship, and been deeply wounded by the fallout from its dissolution, this song should hit close to home. I logged into facebook to find an article from Glamor Magazine about their not knowing how to feel about it. So, of course I went straight to YouTube and watched it. Given the vast amounts of twerking that have been going down, I wasn’t sure whether to expect more or none. There was none, but her beloved tongue still makes a steamy appearance.

The first few seconds were reminiscent of Sinead O’Conner in the Nothing Compares 2 U video. Miley is in minimal makeup taped from the chest up against a white backdrop with a single tear falling. She sings like this for a while, and then we see her wielding a sledgehammer in tighty whitey, a cutoff wife beater and brown work boots. In following frames she is in the same get up swinging and moving rather sexually on a wrecking ball. Then comes the show stopper. Miley buck naked swinging on the wrecking ball. The video keeps switching between these various frames and showing her giving some love to her sledgehammer. At the videos conclusion we get one more crying shot then end with her laying in rubble. So what was my reaction? I thought it was a marvelously done video, and breathtakingly beautiful.

Not the reaction anyone was expecting? My above description is how I am sure most people perceived the video. “Oh there’s Miley trying to be controversial” “Oh Miley is a destroyed Disney kid.” “Yes Miley we get it you are grown up.” The comments section for the video was full of this sort of thing. People crying slut, and being offended by her nakedness were pretty much the majority.

Now let me explain how it hit me the first time I viewed it.

I looked up the lyrics before hand and listened to the audio of the song. I thought it was a pretty song with a lot of heart. Having been through what felt to me at least like one of the most complicated relationships of the 21st century, it clicked with me right away. I love the imagery in the words, it fit very well with the sort of relationship I felt the song was trying to portray. Once I had knowledge and appreciation of the song I prepared for the video, kind of hoping for no twerking. I got my wish, but I did not expect what was delivered. The video was stunning! I was honestly a bit floored by its beauty. Where others saw Miley being a slut, or ratchet, I saw symbolism. Everything fit perfectly and the combination of song and video really got me quite emotional.

Before I go into my take on the video, I will willingly admit that maybe I am over thinking it; but given that all of this was happening in my head as I watched as a first reaction, I doubt it. Now sit back and prepare to think symbolically (a college education may not get you a job these days but it will give you this skill!)

Intro- Miley being Sineadesque: Obviously in emotional turmoil over a lover.

The next thing you see is Miley holding a sledge hammer over head, looking like she is ready to demolish something. This is a strong stance, and the barely there outfit she is wearing oozes comfort and confidence.

Miley Swinging on the Wrecking Ball: In the lyrics she refers to herself as the “wrecking ball”. She is wearing afore mentioned outfit symbolizing her confident, rashness with which she entered this relationship, and bull in the china shop method of trying to get this guy to open up emotionally.

Miley slipping the sledgehammer some tongue: This symbolizes her love for this destructive person in her life, self destruction, or destruction in general…I tend to think most of the above.

Miley naked on the wrecking ball: Being naked is often a symbol of vulnerability. Bearing in mind also what being clothed…ok kind of clothed, symbolized, this shows she has been stripped of her confidence. She is vulnerable and desperately desiring this person so she is putting herself out there, yet she still moves on the ball the same way, showing a desperate sort of denial and desire for things to be the same.

The rest of the video is her hitting herself, crying, and laying in rubble. I feel like all of that is pretty self explanatory.

So I will end with saying as a woman once scorned, I love the song and I find the video beautiful!! Let’s face it she may not have a butt, but that girl has one gorgeous body. With that I am off to Pilates and leave this for your consideration.