The Lost Weeks

Since my last update things got hectic. I ended up having to deal with a visa problem so after a week of trying to take care of it in country, I had to go to Malaysia for another week where it was all finally resolved.

That being said, things have been wonderful and progress is still being made. I am a good 18lbs lighter than when I started, which feels fantastic. I have quite counting the calories, as I now have the feel of it and am simply watching what I eat. Quality and portion are my main considerations and have been doing great. I am glad I started out calorie counting, because it helps give you perspective and keeps you mindful of what you put in your body. Due to the visa debacle and the attached unexpected expenses I was not able to begin yoga classes as scheduled, but on Monday that changes. My man bought me a new mat for our anniversary (it was on Halloween) and I am ready to go! Seeing how 18 lbs melted with just good eating habits and some physical change ups has me really anticipating seeing what real daily exercise is going to do. Each step is one closer to my 115 goal. Feeling good, looking better, and loving life!