I am sarcastic, snarky, cynical, jaded, opinionated, a just bit neurotic. For all of that, though, I am fun-loving, goofy, and very tenderhearted. I am currently living in Nigeria, thanks to my fiances job, but am originally from Virginia and have the southern belle attitude down to a T. Relocating to a place that is entirely opposite of my comfort zone has be tough, but extremely rewarding! I don’t have the comforts of the first world, but the experiences I am having more than make up for that. I have seen amazing things, and met amazing people. This experience has broadened my view of the world and life. It has allowed me to really learn appreciation for my home country, and see things more clearly. I am an adventurer, amateur chef, foodie, sports fan, activist, animal lover, hack writer, wanna-be rock-star, part time philosopher, and occasionally an intellectual…all while still struggling to obtain an undergrad degree, due to my deep rooted and irrational hatred of organized education…made even more funny by my fiance being a college professor. I am truly enjoying my adventures and misadventures through this world, but look forward to the day that I have a place to call home and a career in substance abuse counseling (preferably in Seattle).

You can expect an array of random topics and my opinions of them. But most consistently, I think I’ll harp on politics, world issues, Africa, News, random things people do that annoy me, entertainment, and food =) Pretty much anything I am passionate about.