Meatless Pot Pie

I can only make  things in big portions, apparently, so this recipe (faux meat mix) will make about 4-6 pies depending on the size of the tray used. I used small silicone loaf… Continue reading

The Lost Weeks

Since my last update things got hectic. I ended up having to deal with a visa problem so after a week of trying to take care of it in country, I had to… Continue reading

Lifestyle Change: Week 4 & 5 Review

The positive changes are still improving. I have noticed that I have a lot more energy and focus now. I now feel pretty darn confident about beginning my gym membership and yoga classes.… Continue reading

Can We All Get Over The VMA’s, Move On, and Admit That Miley Is Not The Anti-Christ?

Ok, can we please get over the Miley VMA tewrking fiasco, pretty please!!!!! I will admit that I am the minority who found her performance farcical, fun, and not a big deal. I… Continue reading

Lifestyle Change: Week 3 Review

Wow! This has been the best week yet! I continue to walk everywhere, and I am beginning to see just this mild exercise really paying off. My body is changing inside and out,… Continue reading

Lifestyle Change: Week 2 Review

    Week 2 went off without a hitch. Staying on point with working out is still difficult, though. I hate to admit it, but I am just so undisciplined right now. I am… Continue reading

Days 6-7 of Lifestyle Change

Hey guys! I don’t really have a lot to report about days 6 and 7, because they were my break days. I decided in the interest of fun and sanity, that I would… Continue reading

Day 5 of Lifestyle Change

Another busy day! I think I did pretty well all things considered. I ate way more than yesterday….I was in such a munchy mood, alas this is to be expected once a month.… Continue reading

Day 4 of Lifestyle Change

Today was a busy day. I can already see that when I begin classes again and start working that eating is going to be a little tricky. It was a great day, though.… Continue reading

Day 3 of Lifestyle Change

Today was my husbands birthday! So needless to say it was NOT a day of calorie counting, or should I say careful eating….because I did count the calories.  However, I am sooo stoked… Continue reading